One Tank Trip: Ohio State House

This past Saturday in my twice-monthly column in the Plain Dealer we reported on the many unusual gifts that can be found on a trip to the State Capitol in Columbus as well as a tour of the Ohio State House, The Ohio Historical Society and a unique factory tour at the last maker of metal whistles in the United States.  In fact this small Columbus Plant is where the “Official” gold-plated whistles are made for the NFL Super Bowl Officials each year and if you have a whistle-blower in the family a copy of these whistles, in walnut presentation boxes can be purchased at the factory.

If you would like to read the whole story go to and type in my name in the search field.

By the way here are some of the photos we took on that trip that were not used by the PD with the story:


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One Response to One Tank Trip: Ohio State House

  1. Deane Brown says:

    Well Done. I enjoy yourtrips very much.
    Keep on traveling for me.

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