This Saturday in the Cleveland Plain Dealer we look at inexpensive ways to celebrate New Years Eve.  We take a sleigh ride..or a carriage ride if the weather is too warm and there is no snow,  across the palatial estate of former U. S. President Rutherford B. Hayes in Fremont.  Then its off to the Merry-go-round Museum in Sandusky for rock bottom prices for an evening of food, drink and free rides on the carousel.  We wrap up the night with a visit to the; tiny community of Elmore in Ottawa County where sausage is king and they observe New Year’s Eve by sausage-tossing games. and finally on to Port Clinton where the countdown to midnight is celebrated by lowering a huge fiberglass Walleye fish.  Best of all admission to some of these events is free and for others the price is very low.  You can read my column in the PD by signing on to www.cleveland.com and typing in my name.  Attached to this story are some of the photos that were left out by the paper.

Just a reminder we are always looking for ideas for stories for the new year.  Please sign on if you want to make a comment or a suggestion.

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3 Responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. John Tidyman says:

    neil, if you complete that new year’s eve marathon, i’m nominating you for “Travel Writer With the DNA We’d Most Like to Have.” not to tell you how to run your business, but remember, it’s carousel ride first and then drinks. not the other way around. happy new year! jt

  2. Maura Zagrans says:

    Hi Neil!
    Looking at your New Year’s Eve activities made me wonder: what’s the scoop on Inauguration Day/Evening Activities around Cleveland?

    I was in Joseph-Beth Booksellers yesterday and notice that they are planning a celebration. Are there other such events going on around Northeast Ohio?

    All the best to you and Bonnie in the coming year.


  3. Dee Tomaszewski says:

    Love the new and improved blog. So much going on!!! Love it! Love it! Keep up the wonderful work . You are very special. dt

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