A New Look At The Bridges Of Ashtabula County

Covered Bridge Country..the DVD

Covered Bridge Country..the DVD

State Road Bridge, Ashtabula County, Photo by Neil Zurcher

State Road Bridge, Ashtabula County, Photo by Neil Zurcher

I mentioned my good friend, Carl Feather of the Ashtabula Star Beacon last week.  He is also the talent behind a newly-released DVD, “Covered Bridge Country”, that tells the stories of all the covered bridges in Ashtabula County. 


Carl uses the technique first popularized by Ken Burns on PBS with his series on the Civil War.  Using both vintage photos as well as many of his own, Feather electronically brings the still pictures to life.  While I have long been a fan of Feather’s writing talents he is equally skilled when it comes to photography.  His pictures of the various bridges in all seasons of the year look like they belong in the National Geographic Magazine.


Carl also does his own narration, giving not only the history of the various bridges, but also statistics and the stories behind how the bridges were saved.  He dedicates the video to John Smolen the former county engineer who saw the possiblilities and the value of not only saving existing wooden bridges, but also building modern versions that are big enough to carry trucks and buses.


Right now you can get the DVD  from Feather’s production company, Feather Multimedia,  6087 Mill St., Kingsville, Ohio 44048 or visit him at www.feathermultimedia.com


You can also obtain Covered Bridge Country at the Blue Goose Gift Shop on Bridge Street in Ashtabula, The gift shop at the lodge at the Geneva-on-the-Lake State Park and at the Covered Bridge Pizza in North Kingsville.


If you like covered bridges or know someone who does, this would make a great gift.

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  1. mjgolch says:

    Neil,thanks for the info.

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