Riding A Rocket

Ron Heitman's Euclid Beach Rocket Car

Ron Heitman's Euclid Beach Rocket Car

It all started with a frantic call from my wife on her cell phone.  She was on I-90 near downtown Cleveland traveling at about 60 MPH when she looked in the rear view mirror and saw a giant silver rocket car on her back bumper!

The owner turned out to be Ron Heitman who has taken his passion for strange cars to the ultimate.  Converting a 28 foot long rocket car that used to swing in large circles at Euclid Beach Amusement Park and turning it into a one-of-a-kind funny car that can seat up to twelve people.

It isn’t just the Rocket Car that Ron owns he also has the very first Batmobile used in the movies.  He rents his vehicles, including several other unique means of transportation to weddings, reunions or to people who just like to be stared at as they tool down the road.

You can read more about Ron in my book, “Ohio Oddities”, available at all major bookstores or Amazon.com or from the publisher, Gray &Co., Cleveland, Ohio.  www.grayco.com

You can also visit Ron Heitman’s web site at www.therocketcar.com

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