Racing Through Last Days of Summer

Looking for a thrill before summer ends?   My story in the Saturday, September 05 edition of the Plain Dealer will tell you how…

“Huron County is one of those mostly rural counties here in northern Ohio.  It’s a place of farms and small towns with tree-shaded streets.  The Firelands Museum in Norwalk is one of Ohio’s oldest museums.   But Norwalk also has another attraction that brings thousands of visitors to this community each year.

 Do you want something to get the adrenalin pumping? To hear the howling thunder of automobile motors pushed to their limits?  To smell the smoke of burning rubber?  How about taking the family car out to a race track where you can put the pedal to the metal and see just how fast the old jalopy can really go.  You don’t have to have any racing experience; just a driver’s license.  You race against the clock or another driver who is also living his or her fantasy.

 It happens Wednesday evening through the end of September at the Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk.  Summit is home to the National Hot Rod Association and its president, Bill Bader, Sr., where such names as John Force, Cruz Pedregon and Ron Capps pack the race track’s 38,000 seats several times a year. 

 Normally, Summit Motorsports Park  hosts bracket racing or other special events like Pontiac Weekend, Fords at the Summit Weekend, The Good Guys Blue Suede Cruise and the popular annual Night Under Fire.    But since 1975 they have also dedicated selected dates each year, usually on Wednesdays,  to allow racing fans and wannabe race drivers to use the track to race just about anything they drive, from home-built racers and motorcycles to even a family car or truck. one of Ohio’s oldest museums.  …..You can read the rest of the story in the Plain Dealer or go to their website,


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One Response to Racing Through Last Days of Summer

  1. Dan Hirshfeld says:

    The first time I visited Summit Motorsports Park was back in the mid `70s when it was known as Norwalk Dragway, or just “Norwalk”. Comparing the place from then to now is like comparing night to day. The Baders put a vast array of expensive improvements in to the the facility, making it now a track worthy of national events and recognition.

    If you just have to know what kind of performance your car is capable of, events such as Summit Motorsports Park’s open-to-all nights are the place to find out. Beside being vastly safer than doing so on a public highway, you won’t have to worry about getting a ticket for street racing or reckless op.

    One thing I may add is to be sure your vehicle is mechanically sound (more so than simply “the brakes are good, the tires are fair” from the old Hot-rod Lincoln tune) before hitting the `strip. You might want to be sure your driving abilities are sound as well. It’s surprising how fast even a mild mannered grocery-getter can go at the end of a full throttle quarter mile run.

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