A Really Tiny Queen City

The Union Terminal in Cincinnati houses the cities historical society as well as its Natural History Museum and the Cinergy Children’s Museum in addition to an Omnimax theater.

 My favorite part of this wonderful complex is in the entrance to the Historical Society where you can see “Cincinnati in Motion.”

 It is a model city representing Cincinnati from 1890 to 1940 and offers every kind of transportation that once thrived in the riverside city.

 The exhibit is modeled in “S” gauge, or scaled at 3/16th of an inch to each foot.  It covers 4,000 square feet and has over 1,200 buildings all built to a pricise scale.  There are 18 working miniature locomotives and 12 streetcars running around and through the exhibit.  There is even a small flying model airplane.  Buildings that burst into flame, a view of Coney Island and even Mount Adams.

 For anyone who loves models this exhibit alone could be the reason for an One Tank Trip to Cincinnati, but there are also all the other attractions in the complex and you are right in downtown Cincinnati one of Ohio’s major cities.   To learn more visit the museum’s website at www.cincymuseum.org.

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2 Responses to A Really Tiny Queen City

  1. mjgolch says:

    now this is relly cool!

  2. Dan Hirschfeld says:

    The front of the Union Terminal / Cincinnati Museum can be seen from I-75, at least the southbound side, and it is quite striking.

    While on a car trip to the South last year we happened to pass by the museum complex and the Union Terminal building instantly caught my eye. (I wasn’t driving at the time so I could safely check it out.) It looked to be a quarter-mile or so to the west of I-75 and north of downtown Cincinnati.

    The front of the building reminded me very much of a vintage cathedral type radio, albeit very large and made of concrete. Mindful that the Crosley Radio Company has a long history in Cincinnati I initially assumed the building was associated with that firm.

    It wasn’t until doing some research on Google later that I learned it was actually once a (very impressive) train station and now the museum Neil describes.

    It looks as though it would be well worth checking out for anyone finding themselves in Cincinnati with some time on their hands.

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