Skiing and Swimming in winter Ohio

In my monthly column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer we take an Ohio Road Trip to do some skiing and swimming in the Saturday, January  23rd edition.  Here is part of the story……

The Mansfield area is a perfect Ohio Road Trip destination for a January getaway with the family. 

 You can go skiing, snow-tubing and end the day at an indoor water park where the kids and the adults can warm up with some water fun no matter how cold it is outside.

 Snow Trails is Ohio’s oldest ski resort and is celebrating its 49th season this winter.  With snow-making machines and Mother Natures assistance it has been a perfect year for skiing, and other winter sports on Possum Run Road at Mount Mansfield.

 Nate Wolleson of Snow Trails took me on a tour of the facility recently.  Nate pointed out that they offer trails for experienced skiers as well as beginners.  

 Snowboarding has also become a popular wintertime activity and lessons are available. There are three different terrain parks with ramps, rails and obstacles to sharpen snowboarders abilities.

 Snow Trails has an elevation of 1,174 feet with a 300 foot vertical drop and the longest run is two thousand feet.  There are 13 different trails and to keep skiers moving back to the top of the hill there are four triple lifts and two doubles and a ski carpet.

 Even if you don’t ski Snow Trails has a snow tube park where you can have the fun of old-fashioned winter sledding on an inner tube.  No experience or equipment needed. They have several individual chutes carved out of the snow for the tubing that stretch over a thousand feet from top to bottom.  And get this.  No long, cold walk back to the top of the hill. You just climb aboard the ski carpet conveyer belt and ride back to the top.

 You don’t have to be a skier to use the tube park.  There are separate admission packages for the tubing.

….you can read the rest of the story in the Plain Dealer Saturday, January 23rd edition or read it on line at their website,

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2 Responses to Skiing and Swimming in winter Ohio

  1. Ted Lux says:

    Hi Neil. Ted Lux here.
    I just saw pictures of a car just like your Metro that was converted into a snowmobile. My guess is that you’ve seen it a million times but if not send me your e-mail address so that I can forward it to you.
    Hope you’re doing OK.
    I had back surgery so I’m on the shelf right now.

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Ted,
    Sorry to hear you’re on the shelf. I hope you recover soon.
    About the Met snowmobile. About 40 friends like you have sent this to me over the years. I only wish I had had such a vehicle when we were doing the OTT’s for Fox 8 in the wintertime. It would have been a much better ride.

    How about sending in some of your old photos to the TV Memories site? It’s


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