Tour A Kazoo Factory

While it is more museum than factory, the Original American Kazoo Company in Eden, New York, not far from Buffalo, is still turning out what some say is the only true original American musical instrument, the Kazoo.  It certainly is the most democratic of all musical instruments.  Anyone who can hum can play the Kazoo.

The factory, built in 1914 still stands on it’s original location and, in fact, the twenty machines that stamped out the metal parts to make the Kazoo are still being used and still operated by a belt-driven ten horsepower motor that drives all the machines.

Tours are available Wednesday thru Friday, but the museum and store is open Tuesday-Saturday, year-round.

What’s the most expensive Kazoo they sell?  a 24-kt gold plated classic Kazoo for $18.99. 

You can visit the Original American Kazoo Company at 8703 South Main Street, Eden, New York, 716-992-3960 or visit their website at

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