A Boat Ride in Erie, Pennsylvania

Taking a boat ride around Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a great way to not only get a new perspective of the longest lake beach in Pennsylvania but it also gives you a taste of what Oliver Hazard Perry was viewing when he set out from Erie to take on the British Fleet in the war of 1812 that culminated with the battle of Lake Erie near Sandusky.

The “Lady Kate” is a 65 foot vessel that offers  ninety-minute tours that covers fourteen miles of the shoreline and bay surrounding Presque Isle.

If the boat looks familiar to Ohioans its because the craft used to carry passengers from downtown Sandusky to Cedar Point Amusement Park years ago until it was sold to the firm that provides water tours here in Erie, Pa.

Presque Isle, of course, is one of the premier parks anywhere on Lake Erie.  It allows visitors to drive seven miles into Lake Erie with beaches on one side and walking trails, boat ramps and picnic areas overlooking downtown Erie across the bay on the opposite side of the peninsula.

Erie, Pa. is a One Tank Trip from just about anywhere in northern Ohio.

You can learn more about Presque Isle by visiting their website at http://www.dcnr.state.us/stateparks/parks/presqueisle.aspx

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One Response to A Boat Ride in Erie, Pennsylvania

  1. Jim says:

    We took this boat ride in August of ’09. If you are into lighthouses I would recommend that you wait until the middle to end of August like we did to take the evening cruise so that you can see the lighthouses lit up since sunset arrives earlier.

    The Lady Kate goes by the Erie Land Lighthouse and the square North pier Lighthouse. If you want to see the third lighthouse on the north shore, it’s a short hike from the main road that loops the island. Bear in mind that this one is a private residence.

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