A Trip to Where Tom, Dick and Harry Used to Live

I recently came across another unusual Ohio attraction for when I update my book, “Ohio Oddities.”

Many people don’t want to live where every Tom, Dick and Harry live.  Unless, of course, you live in Perrysville, Ohio.

Let me explain:  In Perrysville, located in Ashland County not far from the Mohican State Forest, is a village of about 1,000 residents who have decided to name the streets that branch off of Third Street, (State Route 39) the main drag through the town as alleys instead of streets.

There is Hickory Alley that connects First and Third Streets.  There is also Cherry Alley that is where you find the Perrysville Post Office.  There are also Alley’s named: “Sugar”, “Bridge” and “Pike”.  But it was the sign between Walnut Alley and Mann Alley that caught my eye and caused me to hit the brakes and do a “U” turn to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks.

I had arrived at “Tom, Dick and Harry Alley”.

Bemused, I contacted Hollie Goines at the Perrysville Village Hall and she told me than the name had been decided on some time ago when Tom Christopher,  Dick Eichleberger, and Harry Winters, who all lived on the alley petitioned the Village to change the name to reflect their residency.  Apparently the Village fathers, at that time, had a sense of humor and agreed and the green reflective sign designating the alley as ‘Tom, Dick and Harry Alley” were soon posted.

The families of Tom, Dick and Harry have since moved from the alley that bears their name.  And according to Hollie, the new residents on the street have not approached the village about changing the name and so it remains one of Ohio’s most unusual street names, ranking alongside “No Name Street” in Millersburg, Ohio.  Another Ohio Oddity.

You can read about the Millersburg strange street name in my book, “Ohio Oddities” available in major bookstores or at Amazon.com

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One Response to A Trip to Where Tom, Dick and Harry Used to Live

  1. I used to live in Loudonville Ohio, the next town over, and worked in Perrysville for 5 years, and now i live in TN. I passed Tom Dick and Harry Alley every work day for years. I also took a few pics of that sign over the years.

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