Neil On The Road..The book tour continues

“Tales from the Road” book tour this week took me, Saturday, July 10th to Sandusky to the Border’s Book Store at the Sandusky Mall.  My thanks to Rosemary Dubina of Borders for the warm welcome and the chance to meet some fans from Norwalk, Sandusky, Brownhelm, Huron and other Northcentral Ohio towns.

This week we’ll be doing several interviews and on Saturday, July 24th, we’ll be headed for North Canton and a book signing at the Border’s Book Store in the “Strip” at 6751 Strip Ave.,NW.  We’ll be there from 2-3 pm.  If you live in the area, I hope you will stop in and say hello.

I want to especially thank Richard Osborne, columnist with the Lorain Morning Journal for the flattering article he wrote in the Journal on Sunday, July 11th about my book, “Tales from the Road”.

You can read Rich’s article online at

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One Response to Neil On The Road..The book tour continues

  1. Tim Lones says:

    Hello Neil:
    Been reading and enjoying your book. Will have a review in the Cleveland Classic Media Blog in the next week or so..Take care and have a great day..


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