Take A Walk With Sharks

For the past 11 years the Newport Aquarium, just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati, has been the major aquarium attraction in the Great Lakes area.

The riverfront facility encloses over one million gallons of salt and fresh water in tanks that contain sixty-five exhibits that feature thousands of animals and fish.

My personal favorite is the 85-foot long acrylic tunnel that goes through the middle of a 385 thousand gallon shark tank.  It literally lets you walk nose to nose with ten foot long sharks that circle above, below and alongside you as you stroll through the tunnel.  Short of being in a wet suit inside the tank you can’t get any closer to the sharks.

Another neat exhibit is the “Gator Bayou” where you walk across a bridge over a swampy area and in the bridge are two 8 foot squares of acrylic that separate you from the alligators only inches below your feet.

There are lots of things to do at the aquarium and best of all it’s just a short walk across the river to downtown Cincinnati and all of it’s attractions.

You can visit the aquarium at One Aquarium Way, Newport, Kentucky or phone them at 859-261-7444, or pay a visit to their website at http://www.newportaquarium.com

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