Take A Safari In Ohio

The Wilds, one of Ohio’s fastest growing animal attractions is certainly the largest such attraction in the Buckeye State.  Covering a staggering 14-square miles near Cambridge in the southeast quadrant of the state.

The hundreds of exotic animals that roam these ten-thousand acres of hills, lakes and wooded flatlands represent at least 25 different types of endangered species who are being carefully cared for to ensure the breed survives.  Everything from giraffes to giant white rhinos.  In recent years they had added cheetahs and wild dogs in a separate enclosure.

The Wilds, while being an educational and conservation site has become a major Ohio tourist attraction and a ride on a safari vehicle through the site is just about as close as you can get to the safari experience without being in Africa or some other remote country.  Here you see the animals in their own habitat not in small enclosures or cages.  Here the animals roam free while visitors are kept inside a cage-like bus, which are air-conditioned and also heated for winter-time tours.

Time is running out for the regular Safari Tours that are only offered on weekends in October.   There will be some winter-time special, reservation only, trips scheduled during the winter months of November to early spring.

The Wilds is located at 14000 International Road, Cumberland, Ohio.  Phone 740-638-5030 or you can visit them at their website at http://www.thewilds.org

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3 Responses to Take A Safari In Ohio

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  2. Chuck says:

    That’s one of the neatest hidden little gems of Ohio.

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