How do you determine what is a “One Tank Trip”?
A:  Since I live in the Greater Cleveland area I generally make it a rule of thumb that a “One Tank Trip” is wherever I can go in a day’s drive.  That usually gives us destinations all over Ohio and seven adjoining and nearby states and Canada.
How do you select the destinations for “One Tank Trips”?
A:  I try to always remember that I am writing for a family and not just myself.  I try to alternate the destinations with places that I think will appeal to everyone in the family.  I also try to rotate the destinations so that if the story this week doesn’t appeal to some members of the family, perhaps the one next week will.  As for selections;  I try to keep up on new developments in the tourist industry as well as continuously checking favorite destinations for new and exciting things to do.
Do you use books, magazines and newspapers for ideas?
A:  Yes.  Also TV, Radio and the web.  I am constantly looking for new ideas and new suggestions for “One Tank Trip” destinations.
Can I make a suggestion for a “One Tank Trip”?
A:  Absolutely!  That is why we started this blog.  To give all of us an opportunity to share our travel experiences and travel ideas.  Please add your comments.
What was that little car that you drove on television?
A:  There were several cars over the twenty-five years that I did the television segments of “One Tank Trips”.  The first was a 1946 Chevrolet Convertible.  It was followed by a 1940 Bantam American Roadster.  Then I purchased a 1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertibile.  It later was replaced for a short time by a 1957 BMW Isetta and later by a 1989 Shay which was a replica of a 1929 Model A Ford Roadster.  The final car I used on the series was a 1993 Geo Metro Convertible.  The 1946 Chevrolet and the 1940 Bantam were both owned by friends Bonnie and Bill Cutcher of Oberlin, who were nice enough to allow us to use the cars on the series.   The BMW Isetta and the 1959 Nash Metropolitan are now on display at the Canton Classic Car Museum in Canton.
Were you paid to mention certain destinations on Television or in your newspaper columns?
A:  No. Unlike some travel writers who only review destinations that have first advertised in their book, magazine or show,  I have always only visited places that I truly thought were interesting and it made no difference whether they advertised on my TV Station or newspaper.  I should also point out that I had some great bosses who never asked me to change that policy.  The same goes for my books.  No one has ever paid a penny to be included in the book.


21 Responses to FAQ

  1. Debbie S says:

    Neil, The site was great. Can’t wait to see more of your trips. Sorry I missed you on TV.

  2. Allen C says:

    you HAVE to try joe’s pit barbque in vermilion ohio.
    3909 Liberty Ave vrmilion ohio 44089

    huge portions GREAT food

  3. lynn says:

    Dear Neil,

    I am trying to find an old country inn located in Macedonia, Northfield, Sagamore Hills or Aurora – its probably defunct – but nevertheless we would like to find out if you know of it. It was a beautiful white house that had dining and carriage rides – possibly sleigh rides in the winter – we just can’t remember what the name of it was – did you ever run across a place matching this description. I know it was in Summit County – a friend who was a local mayor in Fairlawn Ohio went to a meeting there and then took us for dinner.

  4. Neil says:

    You are probably thinking of the Inn at Brandywine Falls, next to the Cuyahoga National Park. They are located next to Carriage Trade buggy rides and also to the lookout at the falls. Beautiful place and wonderful hosts. I have them in my book, “Ohio Road Trips”. Their address is: Inn At Brandywine Falls, 8230 Brandywine Road, Sagamore Hills, Ohio, 330-467-1812. Tell them I said, “hello”.

    There was another place not far away that is now gone. Wade Manor was the former Firestone Mansion and operated by a couple who offered sleigh and buggy rides from the front gate to the manor house, which operated as a restaurant. However, to the best of my recollection, they had several stores on the property and the restaurant but I don’t believe there was an Inn where you could stay overnight. The business closed many years ago and I believe there is a housing development there now.

  5. Barry Mann says:

    Hi Neil, I would really like to speak to you. I write a column for the Met Gazette. I would like to do an interview and story on you, if possible. I can do it over the phone. If you would be kind enough to give me your phone number or call me at 512-837-5007. Either one will work. Thanks. Barry Mann in Texas.

  6. Melissa says:

    Hi Neil – Just to let you know – Grandma’s Alpine Homestead Restaurant in Wilmot (World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock) has closed.the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery in Columbus has updated landscaping (the leveled the spaces between the headstones and will be re-planting), it looked like the original Wendy’s is being torn down (Columbus)! I liked how your book “Ohio Road Trips” was laid out geographically. Thanks for the trip, my hubby and I had a very nice time!

  7. Neil says:

    Thanks Melissa,
    We understand the big cuckoo clock was sold to the Walnut Creek Cheese Company in Walnut Creek. I have been attempting to learn what they plan to do with it. We’ll update it as soon as we know what is going to happen.


  8. Pamela S. says:

    Hi Neil –

    What a wonderful journey you have traveled over the years & such great information to share with the public. Please tell me your upcoming schedule of personal appearances. God Bless You Always!


  9. My husband Gary broke his neck Memorial Day 2006. We lived in the top of our pole barn and could not continue to live there after his accident as he is now a quad. We have a new ranch house on our property for Gary and we turned the apartment in the pole barn into a “Country Retreat”. Rents to only one guest at a time. Fully furnished. We are on 18 acres and cannot see another residence. Beautiful setting for a quiet getaway or romantic weekend with the one you love. We would love to have you down as we believe this place would be one your readers would love to hear about. Thank you for considering our wonderful retreat. Blessings in all of your travels. Gary & Ruthann Kula

  10. Neil says:

    Where are you located? Do you have a website we could visit?

  11. Charles Vactor says:

    I have enjoyed you for years and such a nice article about you in Sunday’s pd. I wonder if you could “steer” me in a direction where I could take my wife for a vacation day or so; as she would be in a wheel chair although she can walk a little?

    Thanks for any tips.

  12. Neil says:

    Thank you for your comments. Sarah Crump is a very nice lady and her story was a very kind thing to do.

    As for your request for ideas. What do you and your wife like to do on short trips?
    What are your limitations? You say she can stand a little. How active do you want the attractions to be. For example: Hocking Hills has many scenic wonders, but about the only cave that is accessible by wheelchair is Ash Cave. And even there it might require a bit of easyi walking.

    I would suggest for starters you go through the archives on this site and see if any of the trips appeal to you or you might pick up a copy of my book “Ohio Road Trips” for other suggestions.

  13. Chuck Slusarczyk says:

    Hi Neil:

    This is the Polish Pilot out in Brecksville, Chuck Slusarczyk. How are you? Just saw the nice article in the PD. I’d like to get in touch with you. I just tried to email you, but I guess the email address I have is outdated. Please send me an email at the address I have given you above.

    Looking forward to chatting with you.

  14. Becky Armstrong says:

    Thank you for all the research you do for us. My sons and I enjoy utilizing your books to find field trips that coincide with what they are studying as we homeschool.

  15. Kurt Kleidon says:

    Hi Neil,

    I wanted to toss an idea your way. The annual Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns in Amish Country is coming up December 5 & 6. For the event 12 inns and B&Bs across Holmes County decorate their rooms for the season, and each one has a different cookie for visitors. Profits from ticket sales go to charity; the event raised almost $5,000 for Hospice of Holmes County last year.

    It’s a feel good/taste good kind of event that I thought might be up your alley. If you might like to participate this year, I’ll be happy to get details your way.


    Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns

  16. Neil says:

    Hopefully everyone who reads this will go to Holmes County and support your project. Thanks for the idea.

  17. Jaime Fusko says:

    Neil, You ran a piece on TV about 12 years ago about a couple of guys in Medina I think it was. They sterted a shelter for exotic pets, it was called CARE, cleveland animal rescue and education. I donated my two best friends feeling that they would get better attention than I could give them. Do you know what ever happened to them? I heard back then that they tookm on a tiger and had trouble with the city, then I heard they where starting a new place. Could you give me any information about them and if they are still caring for pets. Thank you, love your books, Jaime Fusko–email-blackdog121@att.net

  18. Neil says:

    I don’t recall the story. You might check with Dick Goddard at Fox 8 to see if he might remember.

  19. Carissa says:

    I have been looking for some information regarding a sea serpent sculpture that is located in the river off the highway near Cedar Point. I believe the sculpture’s name is “Lemmy,” but I can find very little information on it and whether or not it is still standing. I also cannot find any pictures of this landmark. Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated. If you have pictures available anywhere, please post them for viewing as well! Thanks for your time.

  20. Neil says:

    I don’t know the answer to your question, nor do I have photos of the serpent. I would suggest you contact the Huron, OHio Chamber of Commerce. My sources say that some years ago a local resident and business owner was involved with a sea-serpent hunt and may have been responsible for the sculpture that you saw.

  21. Pat Toth says:

    Hi, Neil,
    The cuckoo clock in Wilmot is still there on the corner. We were just there 2 weeks ago. It was a nice surprise, as this was our first trip there & we had no idea of what we would see!

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