Gone. Not forgotten.

6 Responses to Gone. Not forgotten.

  1. KAT Olsson Nelson says:

    Neil: Hi my friend. Your blog and the photos are absolutely delightful. It brings back so many memories from when I lived in Ohio, up until 1974 when I moved to crispy critter Arizona and later to beautiful and bountiful Northern California where we now reside in the breathtaking Sierra Mountains. One of my favorite places during the autumn in Ohio is the Hocking Hills where the deciduous woods are ablaze in red, orange, gold and yellow foliage. I love the Emerald Necklace of Cleveland, and the woods that were behind my former home on Bradley Road in Westlake. Your wife Bonnie and I often traveled the few miles back and forth from my home to her’s in Bay Village to study for exams while we were in nursing school together at LCCC. I get homesick from time to time and your blog and books are an amazing “fix” for those moments. It has been a pleasure knowing you for 40 some years and I hope that you have another 40 to entertain and inform us all with your wonderful stories of Ohio.

  2. Tidyman says:

    During my misspent youth, summer always meant hitch hiking to Put In Bay. Remember hitch hiking? Most often we jumped on the ferry, where anticipation ran wild. But a few times we had the loot to fly the Tin Goose. If we knew we were part of history, maybe we would have been better behaved. Put in Bay was crowded, it seemed, but never jammed. Always seats at the bar in Frosty’s. One night me and pal (who is today a highly regarded child psychologist) shared one last bottle of Lonz’s and passed out in the park. We were tossed in the hoosegow. Know that the police car was? A Rambler. The cop told both of us to get in. Already in the back seat was a guy from St. Ed’s I had not seen in a few years. We each got our own cell. If they would have patted down the St. Ed’s guy they would have found a nickel bag and papers in his hip pocket. We were treated more like misbehaving nephews at a family picnic. The next morning we were trooped off to mayor’s court. I think my fine was eleven bucks. Haven’t been to the Bay since then and have no plans to go. All the fun we could have there we had. And, boy, do we enjoy the stories.

  3. Marty says:

    Neal, I liked the Geo Metro Convertible so much, I bought one.

    You can see it on my blog here:


  4. Neil says:

    I recently sold my Geo Convertible and I am sure I will miss it once summer comes. As I pointed out in earlier posts I still own the 59 Nash Metropolitan and it is on display at the Canton Classic Car Museum.

    I hope you have a lot of fun with your Geo!

  5. Edmund Scheffner says:

    Boy! do I remember when the family would pack up on labor day and head for Cleveland to catch the Steam train to Chippewa Lake for the annual labor day celebration. The best thing was the roller coaster and of course the Dodgem cars

  6. What a nice website Neil !

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